90 Day Run Challenge

I want everyone to join me in a 90 Day Run on Facebook. http://tinyurl.com/2cr4rqm

That link is to my Facebook group Fit And Free. We have joined forces to become all we can be both physically and financially.

A 90 Day Run for those who don’t know is doing business activity consistently for 90 days.

Step 1: Ask yourself if your business is something that you are passionate about. Does it fit your strengths and can you overcome your weaknesses? If the answer is yes, then proceed with your plan with your whole heart. If your business is not your dream then ask yourself some soul searching questions, What do I love?

What do I want most in life? Time, more money to give more to others, provide for my family better?

Then find the right business that will be a vehicle to be your true self and you can promote without reservations. If you find that you need to re-examine your life the next 30 days can be given over to finding yourself and your passion. This will give you a foundation for living the life of your dreams rather than getting stuck living under someone else’s expectations of you, or expectations of yourself that don’t fit with your values. If you want to get a great start on this process here’s a free ebook that will help you evaluate yourself and your business. http://cathy_ulrich.successin10steps.com There is a system I use called Mentoring For Free and the ebook http://cathy_ulrich.successin10steps.com could be the door into changing your business and life if you apply the principles you learn.

If your business fits with your values then let’s do the 90 Day Run!

Step 2: Who are you marketing to? How old are they? What are they passionate about? Who do they hang around?

step 3: Where would you tend to find them or what would they search for either on or offline? What words would they type into Google?

For my 90 Day Run I’m posting a blog everyday plus a Youtube video everyday.

Rules If you Want to join this Challenge:

1. You can choose whatever business activity you want to do, but for this challenge I want you to do 2 DIFFERENT activities consistent everyday that are measurable. Choose a marketing activity or something else that furthers your business that you either have already done, but are not yet consistent with and do it for 90 days, or an activity that is maybe something you have been scared to do, but wanted to try. As an example I am posting something to Youtube and also to my blog everyday. I have only posted 2 videos to Youtube and I haven’t been consistently posting to my blog. You can choose to do the same activities or something else.

Other examples would be:

*Invite at least 50-100 people to your Facebook page everyday and then if you have a group invite all those people to your FB group if you have one. If you want help w/ this or want to know how to know how to start your own group let me know. The second activity might be to create content for your group everyday.

*Get an email auto responder and create email content or a newsletter that you post a new email to everyday.

*Snail mail mailings. Start a snail mail campaign and mail to a fixed number of clients or more everyday that you predetermine. Do more than what you have already been doing to challenge yourself.

*Post ads to Craig’s List or some other free or paid newspaper ad and then follow up w/ leads on the phone, by mail, or email everyday. This will count as 2 activities if you actually post something new everyday.

*Think of more and send me your ideas.

2. I will choose the winner July 5th who has consistently done 2 activities of their choice consistently over the month. Obviously this will only cover the 1st 30 days of your 90 day Run, but it will get us started and then you’ll continue the same consistent activities for the following sixty days and finish in August.

For a 90 Day Run you need to write down what you will do and then what you’ve done everyday and whether you accomplished it or not.

3. Post your goals initially to me and I will store them in a Word Doc and then all you have to do is check off the days you completed your tasks on your calendar. I need you to show me your links to your blog, Youtube, put me in your auto responder, send me the snail mailings, or whatever other measurable way you can measure what you did. You could send me the ads you’ve posted and how many people you followed up w/. You do not need to give me any contact info of your list, that is your PROPERTY!

Disclaimer: Do Not post your marketing material or blog posts to the group if there is money to be made by you when people click on your links. Post this to me in a personal message to my email. cs_nscu@yahoo.com That way we aren’t competing against one another for our lists.

If you have any challenges getting this done let me know and I will help where I can. I can also send out a message to the group to get help for you.

If you have any questions or would like to make any suggestions for changing any part of this challenge feel free to message me.

I am here for you if you need help creating content too. The trick is to not make it so difficult that you won’t do it. Just do more than you’ve been doing! That is the key.

I have not decided what the prize will be yet so anyone who has reasonable suggestions let me know. Of course after about 60 days of doing the activities you chose, you should begin to see measurable progress and profit in your business. In fact, after doing about 3 back to back 90 Day Runs which is my long-term plan, you should have your business running on auto-pilot provided that you have done the right ground work to draw people to you that want what you have.

To your Success!


About wellness4us

I am 46 years old. I love Jesus and helping others come to know Him as their loving Savior. I've had health issues all my life, ranging from very low vision, low blood sugar, migraines, back pain, and low thyroid. I've found some solutions to these issues and learned to be content in the difficult situations. I desire to help others overcome health issues by first eating right, exercising, and through all this entrusting yourself to the only One who is able to heal and keep you healthy, Jesus Christ.
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