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I am 46 years old. I love Jesus and helping others come to know Him as their loving Savior. I've had health issues all my life, ranging from very low vision, low blood sugar, migraines, back pain, and low thyroid. I've found some solutions to these issues and learned to be content in the difficult situations. I desire to help others overcome health issues by first eating right, exercising, and through all this entrusting yourself to the only One who is able to heal and keep you healthy, Jesus Christ.

Blogging works!

Consistency. The secret to success is THERE IS NO SECRET. In his book The Slight Edge, Jeff Olson quotes many, many times…
“Success is the progressive realization of a worthy ideal”
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90 Day Run Challenge

A 90 Day Run will get you on the successful side of your business. Just do more than you already have of effective business activities for 90 days. By day 60 or so you should begin to see a measurable difference in your business. Join us from June-August. Continue reading

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